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At NewBlue, we use only experienced designers and practiced developers: so you can rest assured that your project will be in the hands of someone who can really make a difference for you.

Our websites are conceived, designed and built by knowledgeable and caring designers. If you wish, you can also have your site expertly written by one of our specialist web copywriters – again, all of our writers are highly experienced.

Websites can also be optimised to boost search engine traffic

Websites can also be optimised to boost search engine traffic. Check out our introductory search optimisation package NewBlue visibility.

A key guide to a site's visibility in Google is its Page Rank. The NewBlue website has an excellent page rank of 4. Click on the icon below to find out the Page Rank for your site.

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Contact us to discuss your web/online requirements. The work of two of our web developers is profiled below.

K Halsall:

jarrett fencing website
Jarrett Fencing
A fully–featured ecommerce site with an integrated credit card payment system and custom-built delivery module.

don't race the penguins website
don't race the penguins
Created for a coaching business, this site demonstrates how a design can be clean and simple, while maintaining a strong visual identity.

Integra Futuros Sostibeis website
Integra Futuros Sostibeis
An environmental consultancy based in Galicia, Spain. The site conforms to W3C standards and W3C-WAI Web Content Guidelines.

P Silver:

Kingswood Law IFA
Kingswood Law IFA
Integration of a new web application. The developer built the web version of their brilliant StopWork Calculator.

Aesthetics jobs recruitment agency
Arc Aesthetics
A recruitment site incorporating a database job board, built in PHP/MySQL. A NewBlue marketing creative project.

Grafton Banks
Grafton Banks
A vacancy system added to existing site, to allow Grafton Bank consultants to add vacancies easily and quickly. Candidates can search for jobs using RSS.

Course Searcher
Course Searcher
Educational search engine powered by a Google Mini. Web systems PHP, MySQL and AJAX powers various functions across the site.