Sustainable business values and committed to social responsibility

NewBlue marketing is committed to work with the communities that it works in and is striving to create a fairer, happier and greener world. We want to earn the trust of our clients by acting responsibly and thinking about the wider environmental and sociological effects of our actions. We recognise that everyone has an impact on the world, and we are working to maximise the benefits that we can bring to society through our work. Our Corporate Social Responsibility defines the way we do business, how we treat our clients, our designers & developers, our environment and our society.


We aim to reduce our impact on the environment by applying uncomplicated and sensible recycling policies and encouraging our people to act in an environmentally responsible way by recycling, reducing waste, sourcing ethically and minimising energy use.


Envelopes and paper is sourced from recycled stock where possible. We also use unwanted paper as scrap before recycling.


Newspapers, cardboard, plastic, cans and glass are recycled.


The printing industry is responsible for around 10% of volatile organic compound emissions and as a communications company we handle a great deal of print for our clients. We encourage our clients to print on recycled paper and importantly we encourage the use of chlorine free paper and card.


Basing ourselves centrally in an area with excellent public transport links makes it easier for our clients and associates to get to our office without using a car. If you are familiar with the North Laine in Brighton, you will know that a car is generally NOT a good idea anyway!

Ethically sourced products

Whenever possible our office supplies including the morning cuppa are sourced from ethically sourced suppliers.